About us

MPK Partners

Experience Committed to Your Business


MPK Partners was established in June 2017 by our founding partners — dr. Marc-Tell Madl and dr. Edina Parragi — with the aim of putting their decades of experience to work in a new framework helping their clients achieve more in their businesses and protect their legal rights.


Our office, located in the heart of Budapest, serves as the base for a legal practice focusing on solid and practical legal advice the cornerstones of which are the extensive experience of our founding partners.

We advise primarily on business law:

— establishing companies, due diligence reviews, advice on corporate transactions (both share and asset deals),

— commercial real estate transactions (sale and purchase, leasing)

— succession planning for family owned businesses,

— drafting and negotiating commercial contracts,

— advice and representation in administrative matters and investigations by authorities,

— providing legal support in day-to-day operations of companies.

At the same time, we provide assistance to top management of our clients concerning their personal legal matters:

— real estate sale and purchase,

— marital law and probate (inheritance),

— personal rights matters.