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MPK Partners

MPK Partners was established by attorneys with decades of experience in advising clients on business law. Our purpose is to help our clients succeed in their legal matters in an efficient way and with the end result in focus. We advise mostly on business law issues but can help top management of our clients in their personal legal matters as well.


Areas of Expertise

— Mergers and Acquisitions

— Succession Planning for Family Owned Businesses

— Real Estate Transactions

— Commercial Contracts

— Inspections and Procedures by Administrative Authorities

— Pharmaceutical and Energy Regulation

— Banking and Finance

— IT

— Civil Litigation

— Commercial Arbitration


Shareholder Agreements

2018 / 01 / 18

Dr. Attila Kovács published an article in K&K Magazine about shareholder agreements and their practical use cases. The author discusses these agreements focusing on those situations and circumstances when they may be beneficial to the parties involved (such as when a start-up received new investment or a family business is considering succession planning). In addition, […]


Corporate Disputes

2017 / 06 / 01

The article by dr. Edina Parragi published in K&K Magazine discusses resolution options for disputes between company shareholders. After a company is founded, the daily work and cooperation of shareholders often results in differences in opinions. These uneasy situations may create bumps in, or eliminate the possibility of, cooperation between shareholders. Such disputes may put […]


Anyone Can Be a Victim

2017 / 06 / 01

The article published by dr. Edina Parragi in the June 2017 issue of K&K Magazine discusses workplace harrassment. In her piece, dr. Parragi sheds a light on not just the rights victims have but also touches upon the perspective of employers and the rights and duties each of the parties have and which authorities may […]


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