Commercial Contracts

It is key for companies and other business entities during their operations that their rights and obligations under their contracts are clear and understandable for all parties involved. This is the foundation that contributes most to business not being interrupted with disputes between the parties.

In structuring and drafting contracts, we not only rely on our experience with multiple sectors of the economy (e.g., energy, pharmaceuticals, FMCG, property management) but also on lessons we have learnt from our extensive ligitation and arbitration practice. This allows us to anticipate possible issues and controversies and already tackle these in the initial contract between the parties.

Our partners advised, among others:

— on drafting electricity trade agreements between traders and large consumers, as well as on a wholesale level, both by using industry standard contracts or customized agreements;

— on drafting natural gas trade agreements for consumers and traders;

— on agreements for pharmaceutical companies concerning wholesale trades between suppliers and pharmacies, setting up and administering clinical trials;

— on drafting and negotiating office lease agreements on both landlord and tenant sides.