Every once in a while, our clients find themselves in disputes that may have considerable impact on their efficiency, operating results or their status. We strive to resolve such disputes amicably, in which we can be of help also as certified mediators. If amicable methods do not produce the expected results, our clients can rely on the litigation experience we accumulated over decades since we represented businesses (from sole proprietors to multinational corporations) before both regular courts and arbitral tribunals.

We appeard in front of all levels in the Hungarian court system from municipal courts to the Supreme Court (the Curia). We were standing alongside our clients in complex disputes involving several parties or complicated legal situations:

— in a lawsuit concerning financial settlement between two natural gas trading companies;

— in a lawsuit involving the settlement rules applicable between an electricity trader and the Hungarian transmission system operator;

—in multiple lawsuits between an online gambling company and the Hungarian regulatory agency, which included a phase of the dispute take place before the Court of Justice of the European Union;

— in a dispute arising out of the termination of a contract between a pharmaceutical wholesaler and its contracting partner.